Mortgage Loans in Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

Imran Khan has announced that Pakistan will also start giving mortgage loans to Pakistani Citizens so that they should also get their own homes. Many Countries i.e mombai, malaysia, turki, france, british, america etc provide their people homes at a loan in instalments which is called the mortgage loan but in Pakistan Now a new closure law is launching in Pakistan and banks will be bound to provide loans for home and gove servent will be eligible to give instalments of small monthly mortgage loans and now Govt of Pakistan will provide opportunity to the people to make their own home.

18,500/- new homes will be created in Islamabad Zone 4 and inaugurated by Prime Minister Imran Khan. Investors will invest in the creation of homes and govt will provide them land and they will be free to create commercial markets in that area and they will be eligible to grab the market.

India gives mortgage loan to 10% people, Malaysia gives mortgage loan to 30% Citizens, British and America gives Mortgage Loan to 80% to 90% People of their country but Pakistani Banks were giving mortgage loan to only 0.2 % people due to difficulty in Pakistani law so now law is near to be amended and within 18 month the people will get possession of the homes.

Balloting will be conducted very soon in front of whole Pakistani Nation such that the process should be fair.